Newbie questions

Hi. Beginning learn blender. Help please
Any solution to this?

  1. Isolate selection without changing view? (Don`t centered object)
  2. Rotate in viewport around cursor
  3. Don`t move, rotate or scale with pressed Alt button (Maya navigation)
  4. How I can rotate in viewport when use circle select tool?
  5. How to apply my viewport(screen) preference to hotkey?
  6. Back to my viewport(screen) preference when opening othe scenes.
  7. Possible to save positions camera and perspective like a softimage or maya bookmarks?
  8. Sorting in outliner by types
  9. Change parameter in multiple objects (on/off Show cone of selected lights)

1 - local view = numpad /
2 - Can’t
3 - change navigation controls in the user preferences / Input panel
4 - you can’t
5 - describe what you mean
6 - describe what you mean
7 -
8 - can’t
9 - depends what you want to do. Some you can copy parameters from one to multiple objects. Write a python script

5,6 - I have saved my Default layout but when i opened another’s scenes I Can`t back to my Layout(my positions windows).

  1. Save selections components( points, edges, polygons) and add or remove current selections from saved?
  1. Rotating around 3D cursor: properties panel (N) -> view -> lock to cursor. I’ve never used it, I have rotate around selection option enabled.
  2. Can’t sort but you can view by the same type as selected
  3. Vertex groups.
  1. Hm, shift+i, h
  2. No, you can set “Rotate around selction” in User Preferences > Interface
  3. ?
  4. You cant, first esc, may a feature request. :slight_smile:
  5. You can setup a new screen layout, beside help menu.
  6. ^
  7. dunno
  8. No
  9. Depends on object
    If you copy objects/lamps with “Alt+d” there are linked and switch cone change all objects.
    With some settings the last selected object with shift change all others. But i don´t need this often.

Cheers, mib.
EDIT: me should not chat at #blendercoders during writing BA posts :slight_smile:

10. How I can Apply all modifiers in one button?
11. I have heavy objects with 10 modifiers and apply bounds to display types. No effect with this type. Why it still laggy to move or rotate him in viewport?
Bounds display type not easier geometry to manipulate in viewport?
12. How to find the limit for polygons or parameters heavy scene for GPU render my 560 Ti 1Gb?
Cant render scene over 4 mln polygons
13. How delete unused materials and textures when duplicate objects?

Bugs with assign new hotkeys. First time when edit mode and pressed MMB select loop but if I once pressed Shift and MMB to select multiply loops then select multiply just by only MMB.
where I can post bugs for fix it?

  1. Pressed 3 and get Right ortho, how I can get back to my user persp in the same position?
  1. Possible to change mouse sensivity only in 3D view in navigation? too fast and uncomfortable

Many thanks Richard!!!

  1. How to freeze geometry after duplication on mesh?
  2. How to assign 2 commands in one button like press-on, next press-off? (view3d.display_wire_on/view3d.display_wire_off)
  1. How get orientation for location from reference, for example from face another object or normal orientation in edit mode from face?
  1. Not directly (as stated by others) BUT…

You can place the cursor wherever, add an empty (which will appear at the cursor) and (which the empty is selected) hit the numpad-. (period) to centre the view on it. Any time you need to rotate around a different spot, move the empty and centre on it again. A bit of a work-around, but it’ll do the job with a minimum amount of extra work.

  1. Why Different menu delete in edit mode with blender\maya input hotkey preset. maya have not delete edge loop in menu by X(delete)?
    How i can get back delete edge loop in menu?

In the User preferences / Input change the delete command to that used for blender default
In the 3D View / Mesh section for the X keyboard shortcut change from Delete to wm.call_menU
Then change the Name to VIEW3D_MT_edit_mesh_delete
This will then bring up the full delete options
You can change the keyboard layout settings in this window to directly compare the difference

20. How I can hide obect but visible in render Cycles?

In the outliner window deselect the eye icon to the right of the object (or hide your object with H). This will turn off its visibility. As long as the camera icon is enabled it will still render Note that this will make your object renderable after pressing F12 to render your scene but since you have hidden your object it won’t render when you set the viewport to rendered view.

Deselect the eye icon make object invisible in reflections.

  1. How I can invert wrong direction of

    I have right zoom view in 3D
    Invert zoom direction work only in 3D view

view2d.zoom work in wrong - vertical zoom style

How I can do the same navigation like in 3D view in other editors?

  1. This is bug?
    22.1 DIfferent functions with LMB and MMB with press. LMB with press working with hold LMB and deactivate by release LMB
    MMB with press working all time when I click and deactivate by click LMB. Stupid situation with hotkeys.
    22.2 Next Bug:
not working with

if I apply both to press I get jumping curve when click by points

22.3 Tweak and left work, if apply tweak and midle not working function

No shelves, no customization menu all work with hotkeys which work with bugs.
Maybe I something missed…?