newbie´s First real model in blender( Snow man)

Hi all
I’m new to the forums. Tell me what you think, and what i can do better ??:D:p


i would suggest giving him a bluish tone, maybe by using ramp shaders, and colorband, which might be kind of complicated, or, by setting the material to ‘translucent’ and turning up the translucency slider a bit, and putting a blue lamp inside of him. there are other ways to do it too, but i think the easiest may be the lamp. Also, this could be a good scene to use the ‘mist’ feature in.

i´m new to blender could you suggest any tutorials?

well, i think mist is covered in the online manual. basically, mist causes the scene to fade into whatever the world background is set as, based on how far away from the camera things are. i don’t know about translucency though. the best way to learn that would be to experiment. just click the translucency button in the materials buttons, and crank up the nearby slider. you’ll want to adjust the color and intensity of the lamp in the lighting buttons as well.