newbie sound question

(lilo) #1

can sound be added by blender? I’m using 2.25, when I click the sound icon, then load wav I get the error <file type not supported>.

I’m using a regular .wav file?

thanks for your time

(jeotero) #2

try to use an uncompressed file, if the wav uses a weird compressor blender may nto be able to read it

or compress the fiel to mp3 CBR

(gudi3d) #3

If you want to add sound to a game, yes, it is possible. However, if the ideia is to add sound to a animation, it is better to use another program such as virtual dub.

(lilo) #4

thanks for the reply. Is there a program you would recommend for linux thats similar to virtual dub?

(jeotero) #5