NEWBIE: Texture OK on 3D view-port but messed up on render window??

Hi Guys. Hope you can help a newbie with a question.

I have exported the UV’s as a PNG from a model, used Photoshop to crate textures on this PNG file and saved as PNG again. I have then created a material, then added a texture to it and set its type to image and set the image file to it, applied it to the model, opened the relevant PNG image file and also opened it in the UV image window and selected 'Texture Solid" from the Display menu.

My image appears in the 3D view-port textures exactly as it should be, but on clicking Render (Blender render) the Texture is there but it’s all over the place.

What am I doing wrong? any ideas?

In the Texture / Mapping settings have you set the texture Coordinates to UV ?

The default is "Generated’ which will not match your UV unwrap

You sir are a genius, that worked, many thanks :slight_smile: