Newbie wanting to model a human

does anyone know a good tutorial that can help me learn how to model humans?

Not specifically for Blender but you’ll learn.


find a local college or art classes and learn to model a human in clay.

Even rough forms(sans detail) will help, I think that this is the best way to understand how a human really is in 3d space…

You can get it from reference pics, but honestly doing it in real life and in clay(both 3d), it helps you grasp the proportions that a model should have.

Also, you get to look at naked chicks… :o

You’ve heard the phrase “learn to walk before you run”? Well, you’re trying to run a marathon. Modelling humans is the “holy grail”. It takes most people a long time to get good enough at general modelling before they start trying to model the human form. I would suggest you work on your general modelling skills by reading the documentation and doing as many tutorials as you can.

If you have alot of previous 3D experience with other applications, then what I am saying is most likely making you laugh your butt off.

All I know is that I’m a newbie, and not even close to tackling a project like human modelling.

Regardless, I wish you luck in your modelling endeavors.

i found this tutorial somewhere…

Okay, this link is for REAL. This is Stahlberg’s website. He doesn’t have a full on human modelling tutorial on his site anymore, but he still has some really good stuff. His feet modelling tutorial is very good.