Newbie WIP (Coffee Table)

Hello all. This is my modeling debut! I have just recently (about 2 weeks) joined the 2D and 3D community purely for entertainment purposes. Yesterday between football games I decided to sit down and try to hammer out my first model. As my subject I chose the coffee table sitting directly beside me. The textures are boring I know and the lighting is poor as well. Please forgive me as I have yet to get to those two sections of the manual. :slight_smile:

A quick question: Is there a way to change the smoothness of selected regions? The real coffee table’s legs start out with sharp edges (a cube) but are lathed on the bottom 2/3. Basically, is there a way to combine a cube and a cylinder while keeping attributes of both.

Let the crits commence. :slight_smile:


Are you using subsurfing to get the smoothness up? If so, Blender 2.34 has the ability to make creases on specified edges, like the square corners of the table legs. Just set those up and make their sharpness (Shift-E) as high as it will go. That will retain the smoothness of the round legs while giving you the effect you want (if I’ve read you correctly).

Excellent first model!

Nice first model. You can also try to switch on autosmooth, it produces also nice results with subsurfaced meshes.