I must be a “Pro-N00b” by now.

its fashionable to be a N00b these days.


After losing to Ecks, I think it’s safe to call you n00b, isn’t it? :stuck_out_tongue:

the noob to pro wiki wasnt that great either, are they still working on that, or just merging to the blender wiki?

After losing to Ecks, I think it’s safe to call you n00b, isn’t it? :P[/quote]

LOL 3 votes… na if he is a pro. then i am a Pro-n00b :stuck_out_tongue:

now, if he had beaten me like i beat him the first year… 75 vs 25 votes then we could be talking about it :stuck_out_tongue:


When I am going through the Dice tutorial, I am hitting a wall.

I can bevel the cube fine, but then it comes to the cutting tool.

I make the cut, constrain it to the Y axis, bring it to the edge and press the left mouse button.

When I press the GKey, to put it at 17%, it grabs the whole edge, then distorts the cube.

To make matters worse, I cannot figure out how to enter the values in, so I am fighting with my mouse to place the cut.

Also, I am not sure which line to select to place the cut after I have made the first cut. When I get through the top cuts, my version looks like nothing the tutorial has.

I am using blender 2.41


you don’t press the G key to put it at 17% you press the LMB to do so.

the G key will grab the edge because that is what it does.


you don’t press the G key to put it at 17% you press the LMB to do so.

the G key will grab the edge because that is what it does.

Okay, I see what you are saying. Here is what the Wiki is telling me:

Because it’s very difficult to position using percentages, especially after the first segment is made because you then have to work out percentages of what’s left but also because you can’t seem to input exact values, place the blue line to the far left edge and click once. Do not click again because this line is on top of another one and it will be tricky to select it again. If you make a mistake, hit u or ctrl-z to undo.

Now press g then y to move the line along the axis (this is why the cube needed to be aligned to the axes first). I’m using y because of the way my cube is setup - the blue line moves along the green axis. If you’ve done it another way round, use the appropriate axis.

After hitting g,y, enter the exact value of the gap that we measured (0.17) and hit return - if you make a mistake before hitting return, hit delete and retype the number or press u or ctrl-z after hitting return.

The problem that I am having is that once I click the LMB, then press the GKey and then the YKey, it is grabbing the edge and distorting the cube.

Also, I cannot find a way to enter the values exactly as the tut requires, I am forced to move the mouse and try to get it right, constraining with the CTRLKey.

Perhaps the way this is done has changed? Or am I just out to lunch?

Here is the link for the Tut… If you follow the instructions exactly (as I do, because I have no idea what I am doing), perhaps you will see what I mean. Or you will see that I am being a retard. Who knows?



I think it’s pretty good. A lot of the tutorials (or at least the ones I saw) are kept up to date by their authors, and they were thinking of moving it into the Blender Wiki, I’m not sure if they’re still on that.

Could this be because they have removed the preview for the face cut? I was reading this on another thread in the General forums.

If you are doing it the authors way, would it be acceptable to make the cut at (100-17) or 83%? I see this gentleman was making the original cut at 100%, then moving it to 17% of that, then going in increments.

I am sorry to be a pain about this, I just really want to learn this useful tool.

As a matter of fact, be warned. I am known to ask a lot of questions, to solve my thirst for knowledge. :wink:


i dont know about the tutorials, i tried to do some of em, but not so much good for the noob of noobs. I still cant figure out how to do the dolphin tut with lattices.

for manually putting in coordinates press the [n] key

Okay, I finally figured out the edge cut tool. Turns out that you do follow the Tut, but the way I was modeling, I had to grab the cut and constrain the x asis.

So I finally got it to work!

Now, I just have a problem with the spindup command.

Question: Do you need to chang the cursor to the 3d cursor before you spindup? If the function completes itself by the camera, do I place the 3d cursor in the middle?