Newbie's Project

Hi, I’m fairly new to this stuff. Here’s a model that I’v been working on, any comments and sugestions would be greatly appreciated.


:o first of all great modelling

i dunno if there the finally colours but i would add spec, slight noise (set to nor) and HDR lighting

great job

good start! :smiley: it looks llike it’s a clean mesh so far (could we see a wire please?). now you need to add detail, and an environment (doesn’t have to be a really ambitious enviornment, but a little more than a blank room.)

before you do anything else to the model, (this is just a suggestion, you really don’t have to do this. It might make preview renderings more pleasing though.) make a very basic room, and maybe put the 360 on a podium or something in the middle, this way you don’t have the ugly blue backround. If you want (or if I start to feel bored) i can post an example of what I’m talking about.

p.s. i have one, and i have a nice 7 megapixel camera, so if you want some reeference pics (of the outside only, I don’t want to void anything just yet) just pm me. :wink:

Thanks for the quick replys, as I said earlier I am a newbie so please bear with me if I don’t understand something or if I take a while to reply. I am working on the suggestions posted (lighting, materials and a resonable enviroment), but it may take me some time since I have limited experience.

Coalth: Thanks for the suggestions. Could I just ask you to explain to me what “clean mesh” means and how to render a wire.