Newest registered user

(ak) #1

Actually I’m not the newest registered user. I was away for awhile and when I came back my account was inactive. When I tried to reactivate I couldn’t so I had to register as a new user. I used to be JAK. Any chance of increasing the inactive time so I don’t have to register again?

(bmax) #2

Wrong forum? => elYsiun website & forum

(SamAdam) #3

moved this to the right forum.

unless, that is, you were trying to say hello. You can make another thread for that. Here, we can fix your name.

(ak) #4

I’ll leave my name as is for now. Thx anyway.

(Timothy) #5

I don’t believe we have an inactivity time :-?

(system) #6

In fact I had no idea there was an inactivity time. I myself have been away from elysiun for some months…but my account still remains…