Another tree trimmer. I have been looking at this image too long. I need other eyes to see what needs doing.

I’m trying to make this seem as if it really exists. I have been trying out not hand editing the xml file to render the image. to fake my HDR withinn blender I placed a large busy image right behind the camera.

the tree is supposed to be a birch ??

I’m having issues with the full GI of yafray. it won’t do a proper alpha map for the leaves. the skydome will but it produces black artifacts around the leaf. is this a bug or am I missing something? the alpha map (i think that’s what it’s called when you want certian parts of an image to be invisible) works fine in blenders renderer.

Anyway any comments are welcome.

…where can I order one? :slight_smile:

Looks a bit too dark for me (lighting/background) and the shadows (or are they reflections?) on the wall make it look like it is very close to the wall - while the wood texture looks like there is more space in between.

Anyway, I like it.



I don’t know about photorealistic… but the textures are just beautiful.

Great! really.

I think perhaps if you’re going for a chrome look on the metal you should use harder spec and more mirror value.

It’s really good modeling and materials… I don’t know much about the GI (still strugeling with it) but once you’ll understend what went wrong - I think your pic will looke awesome.

Cool. What is this supposed to be? Looks like some special bonsai cutter… :slight_smile: This would look very cool animated with a growing tree…

thanks for the comments,


funny you should mention bansai cutter. actually built one of those in the real world.

i’m in the middle of rigging the mechanical parts for an animation.

I think I have figured out how to deal with the leaves. (maybe) render them in blender with a black background and a lot of light images behind the camera. then render the rest of it in yafray and the use the sequence editor to sew them together. ??
I can get an alpha map out of yafray but they can’t be at different angles otherwise you get the black mask showing up where the planes cross.

your right about the chrome. I’m using a bigger image with a higher emit. I think it’s all about what you refect off of the surface not just that the surface is shiny.

your right it’s not bright enough.

here is an update. there is a little post work in PS tuning the contrast of the leaves down after putting them in through the sequence editor. (I personaly think they look pathetic)

fixed my leaf problem. added some structural support. i think the lighting is better. went back to hemi light. but to speed up render time I rendered it out in blender/yafray and then rerendered it out through the command line with a hdr but with only 128 samples. then placed one image on top of the other in PS and made one translucent. comments? crits?

Very nice! Easily the best of the three!
My only crit would be that the contraption is so big, one almost cannot see how nice the tree is…

Very cool render and the design is better than your last one IMO.

I agree that it seems to be large, but I think it works.

The floor looks fantastic. Great texture work here.

You need to up the smoothness of the pot though. You can see the poly edges.


:o :o :o 8) 8)

:slight_smile: i especially like it because it’s so damn huge… it really looks like something that you ordered from tv-shop years back, and never got around to use …


I think I like the second image more than the latest one; the base & trunk look more realistic in that one to me, plus the lighting isn’t as stark. How did you go about fixing your problems with alpha, I’ve been having similar troubles?

ok my opinion is this.

the two bent poles things do not IMO look practical, it would mean a new frame would need to be done for every tree

however a robotic arm to me would look much more realisitc as it has free ranges of movement.

i really like the concept :smiley:



you might be right about impracticality, but, I have this idea about how plants function (some of it could be crap but it’s only an idea). they move very slowly and have particular feedback systems that are easily manipulated. so if you grow a plant from the ground up and have a some sort of a steady control inserted into their growth pattern you can make it do just about anything. so if you take a spinning blade and move it up and down a slide the plant will have no choice but to follow what ever pattern is set. I think of it as conceptual topiary (SP?) :stuck_out_tongue: having said this I am working on a new drawing that uses robotic arms to clip a row of trees (hedge)

I never did fix the alpha problem really (I haven’t tried the new yafray to see if it was corrected, it was a yafray problem) what I did was make a single leaf give it a UV and duplivert it to a series of points on the tree and then go around manually correcting the direction.


those poly edges only show up in Hemilight (skydome) in all three renders the pot was never changed, but it is distracting with the edges so prominant.