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Hi everyone.

I did post this in the python part of the forum… but it seems people tend to skip over that part:confused:. So I thought I’d share the news here… since this is the news part of the forum;)

I completed a new script which will allow a designer to reuse existing view. A handy tool which has been missing in blender. Like when you found that perfect angle to render at and then accidentally move the camera? This will let you reset that!

Please have a look at http://www.p a s t e a l (minus the spaces cause this forum doesn’t seem to like the word)

Copy and paste into a text file, save and import into Blender as an addon. If you can’t get it post here and I’ll try and upload the file to another location.

Hope you like it + lemme know what you think!
Happy blending!

Haven’t tried it out yet (Will do in a few minutes), here is a tiny URL link, copying and removing the spaces is a pain :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you 3sie 3wiel. It looks like a useful addon, but I couldn’t start it with the latest Blender build. (31827) :yes:

@demohero : Check out the thread under python and plugins…

Could you post a copy of your errors there? I don’t wanna get flamed for doing it in this section but would love to help you solve it…

I’m downloading the latest build now to see what’s up.

Here is the problem in Text Editor:


You will not be able to run this from the text editor.
Please save all the text as a seperate file and import as an addon in user preferences -> Addons -> Install Addon.

Then look under 3D View -> Stored 3D Views