News: Trump trying To Shut Down Open Source Licensing on behalf of Autodesk and Pixar

It is veriviable truth, see for your self on Facebook:eyebrowlift2::p:cool::RocknRoll::D:o

Facebook…? Gee, there’s a reliable source of information.

What is this “Facebook” that you speak of? Is it a trustworthy news source? Are facts double-checked? :wink:

D. Trump isn’t exactly a trustworthy source of information.

More importantly, though, when you post “news”, please provide a link and verifiable source.

I’m thinking he’s trying to make a joke post (look at all the emoticons).

Though he also made it too easy for the thread to eventually become a political boxing match (and with the title being done specifically to draw people in, it might happen).

I think you are right. Click bait it is, then.

the eu is also going at it, tweet by ton about it

Not to mention how it would appear absurd if Pixar was behind a move to ban FOSS after open-sourcing Alembic, OpenSubDiv and the USD format (not to mention allowing the entirety of Renderman to be used for free if the work is non-commercial). Even their parent company Disney released Ptex under a GPL-compatible license.

It would be realistic to think Autodesk might try to move to cripple Blender, but not Pixar.

That is for real. Typical meddlesome bureaucracy micromanaging and destroying creativity and economy.

I just signed #savecodeshare

LoL it’s funny because it is impossible…how do you stop people from giving stuff away :slight_smile: even if it becomes law somewhere…good luck enforcing it.

Not surprised that they have sunk even lower. Better spend the funds on developing their software. I am still confused how were they allowed to acquire Maya, Max, XSI - all direct competitors. What about the anti monopoly rules? Let’s hope they wont get their way this time.

IKR, it is their own fault for not actually pushing their own development…instead they act like a 6 year old that is losing a game…so they change the rules in their favor, fair play or not…they need to learn, you reap what you sow.(e.g. develop nothing / get nothing)

One could also argue that Autodesk’s monopoly (and the subsequent slowdown in innovation) is a major reason why Blender can even call itself relevant to the industry in general (and why the big 2.8 push is possible).

If Maya, Max, and XSI were still under their original companies, then chances are that Blender would still be struggling to get anywhere in terms of being used by more than just hobbyists. That would be due to simple math, commercial companies can hire a lot more developers, so a competent vendor can develop their app. at a speed that is largely impossible for FOSS to achieve (and far less people use the FOSS solution, which means a lot less in the way of funding).

Although this may have been posted in good humor, it’s also clearly flamebait. Closed.