Next CBUG: May 20th

Our second Colorado Blender User Groupmeeting is scheduled!

Thusday May 20th

7:00-7:30 Open discussion, socializing
7:30-8:30 Exploring Logic Bricks in the Blender Game Engine (I’ll present and walk through some of the basics).


Parker Library
10851 South Crossroads Drive
Parker, CO 80134

John R. Nyquist
[email protected]

It will be in the Parker Conference Room just inside the entrance.

Come on over and say “hello” and share your Blender experiences and questions.

Can you do a videocast?
I’m sure I’d check it out because I can’t drive all the way to Colorado from Northern California.

If someone wants to handle doing a videocast, I’d be okay with it.

I’m going to be there! :slight_smile:

A shout out for the northern people: Carpooling!
Could I get a show of hands for anybody who is interested in carpooling from some place like the Centerra shopping center in Loveland.

Based on what I think I know about traffic, it should take between 1h 30min - 2h to get to Parker from there, which would put a meeting time at around 5:00 pm.

Let me know if you’re interested and we can work something out that fits for everyone.

It’s great you are willing to come all that way, but given what a long haul it is (75 miles, right?) and that there are others up north, perhaps you might want to consider starting up a group closer to home? If not, I look forward to seeing you!


True, it is a fair drive. I don’t know if you are planing on keeping the once a month frequency of meetings, if you are I know I won’t be making all of them due to the distance, but I’d at least like to meet you all once. Other then people that I personally introduced to blender, I’ve never actually meet (and known it) with another blender user in real life. :stuck_out_tongue:

As for starting a northern Colorado group, are there even enough users around up here to support one?
I’m still a student, and my major isn’t blender related (except for when I find ways to make blender a part of my major.), so I don’t really feel comfortable committing to anything long term when I might not even be in state as soon as I graduate.

Anyways, there’s an excessively long musing, or maybe it just feels that way to me because of my pre-finals brain condition.

Point of this post for all others: The carpooling group is still on, just let me know here, or by PM if you’re interested.

Haha, I totally understand, I look forward to meeting you next month!

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Just a reminder… Next meeting is TOMORROW! :slight_smile: