Next-gen AC130 gunship - XAC130

Pretty much my first fighter jet design. Actually its more of a gunship. A sci fi futuristic version of the current AC130 gunship with a little bit of Ace Combat and little bit of Macross in it.

Hope you guys like it, still feel that there are a lot more room for improvement, specially the background / lighting.

Looks great, a little bit it remembers me to the fighter jet from the movie Firefox with Clint Eastwood …

… but yours is more sci-fi and space ready :wink:

thanks that reminds me of the Blackbird :slight_smile: reminds me of this tutorial but tweaked a bit

very very nice, I love the clean colours also - reminds me a bit of a ‘Nu Gundam’ MS :).

cool name btw, I am about to rewatch F91 soon myself.

Great model and still. Now, I just want to see it in action.

Looks like good guy Megatron haha! Nice, looks cool.