Next-Gen Graphics Showcase

Check out this small Showcase of NextGen Graphics in the BGE!

-Realtime Reflections
-Physically based materials
-Parallax Mapping
-Soft Shadows
-2D Filters

I´m planning on making a big BGE Tech-Demo, with a lot of NextGen features. Would love some feedback and advices :D.

What about Sega Dreamcast 2 and Atari Raptor?

What??? I think it´s not gonna run on those :smiley:

is this pbr nodes or the addon by mike pan or something else?


This video is making me purr… Very nice work !

Very nice, but I gotta question the performance…

60 fps in the corner, also, with something like that you would have LOD if it gets farther away,

not to mention the bge render code may see a update close after the viewport fx project hits master.

Very nice! Can this be made with the actual official release or is this from an experimental version?

ViewportFX is really not going to change the BGE renderer that much in the foreseeable future.

So any optimizations will have to come from the volunteer dev team?


Well , I tried to pay someone to add static draw call batching, that plays well with LOD,

do you think your up to is goose? I can get some cash around again even?

what would be more beneficial ? batched static mesh draw calls or gpu based instancing ?

-Realtime Reflections
-Physically based materials
-Parallax Mapping
-Soft Shadows
-2D Filters

Are these next gen? Or next gen for blender?

These have been around for like 8 years in the big bad world.

Even if those features have been around for other game engines for sometime, I would really be interested to be able to use them in the BGE.

Blenderrendersk I think that many would be grateful if you could give some clues on how you achieved this, me the first.

I know its not its place but, one feature that I would really like to see is to be able to export BGE game to Android. That would be really a big step forward. I’ve been looking around if there is some ways to do it but I did not find any satisfactory answer.

Just another test using the same materials. What do you think about the filters?

The model is from here:

not bad, u modeled those?

No I didn´t model him, he´s from Blendswap, but I converted the cycles materials to realtime materials.

Are you using nodes or internal materials?

Node materials

Cool! Is it environment map(cubemap or equirectangular) or simple reflection map?

How many polygons? is he baked down and hand decimated as much as possible?

I would use him in wrectified if he were lower poly, and sightly less meaty

That guy makes your hoodie man look like a noodle… He’s enormous.