Next gen multiplayer 'browser' game

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Hi there.

About me and my game:
My name is Adrian, i am a hobby programmer for the past 5-6 years, i write in average 3 files each day with an average of 60 lines of code in each file. I made a few 2d games, moved on to multiplayer games and currently I have a server-client workframe that makes it easier to use extremely configurable resources in games that run from a single server.
I am making a multiplayer game, something similar do Dota but with a lot of differences that make much more modern, it uses flash with GPU acceleration for 3d rendering so it allows for great graphics. There is quite a lot of programming made and a working project exists.

Volunteer work:
I am currently looking for more people that want to get involved, chip in with some skills they have or want to develop. If you can help with 3d character modeling, texturing, animation, landscape modeling it is much appreciated, many gamers will appreciate :).

Thanks for reading!

This is very interesting! I am a 3D environmental designer, please e-mail me [email protected]