Neytiri and Ikran

Hi guys! This is a work I did for a contest I’m participating “3D Fan Art Challenge”.

3D View:

Really nice job

I really like it, but have a couple of suggestions:
-the green background is really uninteresting, try to put a waterfall, or a cloudy sky, or something like this…
-the lighting is a bit flat, u do not have he feeling of being in a forest: add some shadows originating from foliages
-i fell the color of the na’vi is a bit out, I remeber them as being much more blue!

Outstanding work my friend. Very good

really really really nice! maybe some dof on the leafs in the right to add more depth to the image, anyway congrats!

Awesome work, but comparing to your other ones, this one go bottom. :slight_smile:

Pretty awesome man. :slight_smile:
Good luck on the contest.

Thanks guys! I agree that really were many things I could have improved, I wanted to have more time to work, delivery time was running out and I have not had much free time to finish, it’s horrible to do things in a hurry. :slight_smile:

you are very good man, i could really use a teacher like you :slight_smile:

Thanks man :slight_smile:

Awesome stuff! The eye texture on the creature looks a tad flat though. Nice texturing overall. :wink:

facial expression looks great

Thanks guys!

Well done!

Woah! Really like the beast :slight_smile:


I hope you understand when I say that when I see your work, I am not surprised at all - because I just think " yes, that is what he does, he is just that good" and smile.

This is a very great work in such a short turnaround, and I love the colors all around

Cool very nice looking. Hate the movie but love your model. keep it up