NGEX Devela VI-01


I´m sharing my latest personal work. NGEX Devela VI-01 is a vehicle design project which forms part of a science fiction concept story. This project arises from the need of creating an element to develop and support parts of that narrative framework without using humans or organic characters. The NGEX Devela works as one of the main characters in the story amplifying the whole concept.

Original Vehicle Design
Karl Gryc

3D Model by
Andrii Shanidze

I´ve been in charge of the art Direction, CGI, Post & Design

The outdoors stills are rendered in eevee and the indoor ones with cycles (volumetrics in eevee). Then I´ve used Photoshop for post.

You can see the entire project here and here

Eevee rendered images

The images below are rendered in Cycles

Hope you like them! Thanks!



Can’t wait to see a video!

Amazing! I like this concept! :+1:

Thank you both! I´m struggling with some outdoor environment to keep exploring visuals with the vehicle and planning some video too :grin:

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Thank you!