Ngon ?

i have this one face big NGON and need to make 3D rounded rought

is it possible to add a loop cut in the middle to subdivide it and how?

or how do you subdivide it along main axis ?

i was able to add inset and seems to work

but must be other way to work with this big NGON!


I don’t think there is a way to do that but have to ask, why an n-gon?
Not 100% sure but it looks like in your image that you already have vertices aligned so it’s just a matter to select all, ctrl+t and then alt+j (triangulate and convert to quads) and you can add a loop cut. Could also work with curve first and then convert it to a mesh.

it is a mesh

tried and wi;l make tris with Ctrl-T but Alt-J does not work at all!
so cannot add loop in middle !

here is file

spir1.blend (84.9 KB)

inset works fine in this case

and did not try wiht curves!
not certain this shape would convert top curves!


to convert it to a curve you would need to delete a whole side

Then you can convert to a curve (there’s a doubled vertice in your blend, so press W->Remove Double before) and play with the bevel setting in the Curve tool panel
Convert back into a mesh after that.

But it will not do much good to center of the spiral that would not be pointy anymore, you would need to that part manually if you wish it to be pointy again.

also found that Alt-J works directly after doing Ngon face

but curve might not be bad after all
i can get a 3d bevel curve
which might help to make my new cone in 3D
just need to manually make the faces

merry christmass
and a happy new year


You could always just delete the face and then bridge the two edge loops. After that there’s no problem adding any edge loop in the middle.