NHL fans?

(NateTG) #1

Any NHL fans out there? If so, care to share your first round playoff predictions?
Here be mine:

western conference:

DET vs VAN - Vancouver in 6 games (I’m a Vancouver fan, so I’m biased): There is always one upset, and I see no better place. :slight_smile:

COL vs LA - Colorado in 5

SAN vs PHO - San Jose in 7: As much as I would like Phoenix to win, I think San Jose is better.

STL vs CHI - Chicago in 7: Will be close.


BOS vs MON - Boston in 5

PHI vs OTT - Philadelphia in 4

CAR vs NJ - New Jersey in 4

TOR vs NYI - New York Islanders in 6

(S68) #2



what is the Stanley Cup 8) (and NHL by the way?)


(BgDM) #3

OK, here’s my list:

Western Conference:

DET vs. VAN. - I would have to agree with you here. Vancouver, but maybe 7 games. Detroit is going no where this year.

COL vs. LA - No brainer here, Colorado in 4

SAN vs. PHO - Tough call. Both are pretty evenly matched. I am going to say Pheonix in 6.

STL vs. Chicago - Agreed here too. Chicago in 7

Eastern Conference:

BOS vs. MON - Have to disagree. Montreal in 6

PHI vs. OTT - Philadelphia in 5. Sens never make it out of the first 2 rounds

CAR vs. NJ - NJ in 4, definitely.

TOR vs. (my fav team) NYI - Islanders in 5. The Isles will be the big sleeper of this years playoffs. Look for them to go to the division final. Also, just because the Leafs suck :smiley:


PS: Stefano - The Stanley Cup is the oldest professionally contested trophy in the world. It is for professional hockey and thus, NHL = National Hockey League. The best sport in the world, (but being Canadian, I’m a little biased :wink: ).

(nikoy) #4

DET vs VAN - Detroit. Vancouver is unproven in the playoffs. Detroit could sweep.

COL vs LA - Colorado in 7

SAN vs PHO - San Jose in 7. I hate Pheonix

STL vs CHI - Chicago in 6. I hate St. Louis


BOS vs MON - Montreal in 7

PHI vs OTT - Ottawa in 6. Thet can’t lose in te 1st round forever.

CAR vs NJ - New Jersey in 5

TOR vs NYI - Toronto. They’ll will win the Stanley cup if Cujo plays well. Both Joseph and Sundin have something to prove since the Olympics.

(SatoriGFX) #5

It’s always interesting when the team that finished 3rd in the whole league, has alot of post season experience over the last few years, that just missed going to the Eastern conference finals last year, that has improved their team substantially this year (and are very deep) and that has an already exceptional goalie playing for a new contract is completely ignored in a poll of who will win the Stanley Cup. They may not be the favorites, but to not include Toronto in your poll is ridiculous.



(blenderanim) #6

DET vs. VAN - Detroit in 5
COL vs. LA - Colorado in 4
SAN vs. PHO - San Jose in 6
STL vs. CHI - St. Louis in 6

BOS vs. MTL - Boston in 6
PHI vs. OTT - Philly in 6
CAR vs. NJ - New Jersey in 4
TOR vs. NYI - TOR in 7

Detroit or Colorado win the Cup.
I’m a bit biased with autographed Gordie Howe and Dominik Hasek (as a Sabre) posters.
I admire Roy, but dislike Colorado too much.

(NateTG) #7

Satori and nikoy, regarding Toronto:

I can see them going far, but the cup seems a bit of a stretch… Although weirder things have happened. (Like me including Vancouver in the poll :wink: )

You are right, though. If Cujo plays well, they have a shot at the conference final, and POSSIBLY the cup… would’t Vancouver and Toronto be a fun matchup… :smiley:

I apologize for overlooking them in my poll.

(SatoriGFX) #8

I would LOVE to see an all Canadian final. That would be amazing. Now I just need to see my Raps somehow get into the playoffs (and all without Vince Carter).


(NateTG) #9

Just had my friend looking over my shoulder, and he also thinks Toronto will beat NYI… It seems to be a popular opinion… but we shall see.

I’m not a big NBA fan. How are the Raps doing? Not too well, I take it… They had a run going for a while, though, didn’t they?

(SatoriGFX) #10

The Raps had lost 17 of 18 before Carter had his season ending surgery. They have won something like 10 of 12 since and will be in the playoffs if Indiana loses one or the Raps win one. Amazing really. It’s good for them. They learned that they are much better than they thought but that they were not playing well as a “team” and were depending on Carter too much. It will only make them better next year when Carter comes back.


(NateTG) #11

woohoo!!! Vancover beat Detroit first game. :smiley: :smiley:

(NateTG) #12

Hey Satori, I hear the raps made it. congrats. :smiley: Enjoy the playoffs (both nba and nhl)

(Detritus) #13

My god… I though that I at least would safe from this hockey cr*p at a Blender forum… Boy, was I wrong. :wink: