Nice Movies List ?

i’m not a guy who watch films alot , but , what do you recommend …

recently seen Wall-E , i’m trying to watch films instead of playing games … :smiley:

I would watch “Wag the Dog”
Also, check out endgame, here is a link

Also check out Loose change

Any Pixar movie… :slight_smile:

American History X
Good Will hunting
Blues Brothers
Devil´s Rjects
House of 1000 Corpses
Band of Brothers
The number 23
Workingmans Death
Blood Diamond
A Scanner Darkly
Film Noir
Cube 1, 2, 3
Hellraiser 1-8
IndianaJones 1-4
Fast Food Nation
Zeitgeist (free to download documentary)

And if you done whith those and still sane, i can recommend some more :smiley:

Finding Nemo…
Look at that animation, the water everything… and all in 2002.
Jonah (A Veggietales Movie) and The Pirates Who don’t do anything (A Veggietales Movie),
The Incredibles…
didn’t see Wall-E

i can’t believe nobody mentioned ‘The Matrix’ still

“The sound of music” - can’t go wrong with that one.

Firewall and Poseidon, two awesome thrillers

Thanks for the input you got there. I too am also wondering where to go if i need a complete listings when it comes to movies and everything else. I am a movie lover you know, i just like to watch movies.

From one engineering student to another I’d heavily suggest Iron Man.
Easily the best movie of 2008!
Its a dream from start to finish.

The Matrix is also well worth watching. Also have you seen Independence Day? its another great movie, ive been wanting to watch it again lately.

Edit The Riddick movies are also well worth watching. The first one is Pitch Black, then The Chronicles of Riddick

I Am Legend

Sigh - why don’t people suggest some films made outside of the USA :wink:

I’ve just watched a beautiful old British movie ‘Odd Man Out’. Beautiful, meaningful film

Wall-E is fantastic. The Matrix films sent me to sleep. Terrible acting and embarrasingly bad story.

Some movies I really like are:

Ginger Snaps 1 & 2 (the third one isn’t as good as the first two are)
28 Days Later (28 Weeks later is pretty good too)

And then there’s some other which I’ll probably remember later on.

In no particular order:

Uncle Buck
Groundhog Day
Joe Vs. the Volcano
Dumb & Dumber
Better Off Dead
Animal House
Any of the “Vacation” series
Sixteen Candles
The Breakfast Club
Star Wars 1-6
LOTR trilogy
Back to the Future trilogy
… and a bunch of others that I can’t think of right now

The “7-Up” series, a Brit thing that followed a bunch of kids from age 7 to every 7 years in between. I think “49-Up” was the most recent.
2001 A Space Odyssey
Silent Running
Breaker Morant (Aussie film from the 80s, I think)
Lawrence of Arabia (if you can see this on a really big cinema screen do it)(the Senator in Baltimore ran it last year, what a rush)
Blade Runner, particularly the original 1982 version and the latest director’s cut. I’d skip the interim director’s cut, it’s not bad but more or less redundant. Ridley Scott is a f*cking genius.
I second whoever said “any Pixar movie”
The Alien series. Hmm, Ridley Scott again…
And why hasn’t anybody mentioned the Coen Brothers? Particularly Blood Simple, Raising Arizona, and O Brother Where Art Thou, Oh, and Fargo too. Ya shooer you betcha!
Repo Man!
The Road Warrior (not at all necessary to watch Mad Max or Beyond Thunderdome)
Pretty much anything by Hayao Miyazaki. God. Great stuff. Um, Princess Mononoke and Porco Rosso are my faves, with Castle in the Sky and Spirited Away and Howl’s Moving Castle close behind.
Thunderball, From Russia With Love, Goldfinger for the classic James Bond stuff. I also like the Pierce Brosnan Bonds, and am so looking forward to weekend after next when “Quantum of Solace” opens here.

OK, that’s enough to start. Can all y’all tell I love movies? Spent a couple of years in film school (Film in the Cities, St Paul, MN, gone now) in the early 80s, I remember one weekend my to-be wife and I saw 27 movies. A short film festival at school, and a few oldies at the Uptown Thearre in Minneapolis.

STARWARS!!! Its better then chruch…and almost as good as sex(so iv heard)
Silent Hill
Blade 1-3
Toy Story!(the 1st one)
Bugs Life
Pretty much any pixar movie
Children Of the Corn
Any Zombie movies
Vampire movies
Bevis And Butthead =)
Clurks 1 and 2
Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back
Any stoner movie…

yeah…theres my list

Films tend to have a specific mood to them. hard to really suggest films when I dunno what sort of films you’re looking for. I’ll sort a few by basic mood I guess: (click the title for a youtube trailer where I can find one :smiley: )

Slow, sad movies:

  1. Grave of the Fireflies - my favorite film of all time, but it’s extremely sad. Up there with Schindler’s List and Saving Private Ryan as far as WW2 movies in my opinion.
  2. Hana-Bi (Fireworks) - Beat Takeshi flick. In my opinion his best work. It’s another very sad movie, but it’s also possibly his most personal work. His art is also features throughout the film, which is neat.
  3. The Grey Zone - A little known movie about the little known jewish uprising in Aushwitz near the end of WW2, and also about a jewish girl who survived the gas chamber. Incredibly dark (and disturbingly violent at times), but the performances are astounding.

Happy Fun-Times Films:

  1. Ed Wood - Tim Burton’s most underrated film. If you like Burton’s sort of weird take on comedy then this movie is pretty much a gold mine. It’s got some serious, dramatic stuff in it as well, but 90% of it is just insane dark comedy.

Hmmm, it’s late I’ll add some more later. Trying to hit up flicks that others haven’t mentioned yet, but are worth mentioning.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is a brilliant movie you should definitely see. It’s a kind of a love story that will make you cry. At certain times it can a very weird and surrealistic movie as well.

But nice special effects, so if you’re a graphics whore (like all of us here, right?), you will really have to see the Matrix.