Nicholas Bishops copy of Blender svn trunk on Github

can you commit/push files to this and it´s get update in the svn repo as well?
I prefer Git over SVN, has some projects (open source, or public to anyone) on GitHub
and started to use BitBucket for my private closed blender projects.

Anyways, I would love to able to push my themes to GitHub.

as a programmer friend told me, “weird that Blender that is THE open source project for 3d. Is only available via a semi private hidden SVN. And not on GitHub where every major OSS projects are. They should really consider having blender source available everywhere”

I can´t really agree with him that the SVN is semi private, hidden. It´s fairly available if you just read the Development section on

but anywhoooo, Nicholas maybe you can answer? otherwise I just try.

svn isn’t private or hidden

Lots of devs have git repos (I use one for testing features and fun weekend projects), but if you do pull requests to a git repo at the moment, someone still has to commit it back to svn-trunk.

To answer your question, you can submit pull requests, but this assumes Nicholas would submit those commits back upstream to svn, seeing as he didnt work on this repo in some months, it seems unlikely.

We could setup a git repo where devs actively check for pull requests, review code and commit upstream to svn. but I would rather just move to git in a few months,.

But we’re looking to move to git after this GSOC finishes, its just a lot more work for large projects to do this then with smaller, newer projects.
(fun tasks like weeding out gigs of binary files from commit history, ignoring some GSOC branches, masking out accidental deletion commits).

Perhaps the repo of Nicholas is only to manage his projects (sculpting, skin modifier, e.t.c.).

There was an ongoing conversation here about which GIT repos are active (there might be others as well since then).

Also it seems that most developers are positive to transition to GIT which is a good thing to happen later.

Ok, I wait until October then :slight_smile: when moved and using Git why not have a “official” blender fundation GitHub repo?
Also besides your own servers.

@aermartin, perhaps, hard to know how this will play out. if we want an official github clone its very easy to test out.

I think that would be a awesome move :smiley: I saw Brechthang out on GitHubfix some bug in OSL.

Oh and by the way Campbell, you guys should make a new podcast episode. :slight_smile: