Nicole The Lynx - Download and Critique

Download version 2

This was for Rocks the Squirrel’s fanart project, unfortunately shelved. Its Nicole the Lynx from Sonic the Hedgehog comics with a slightly different art style. Eventually, she will be available at BlendSwap.

She uses 2.79’s Rigify with added tail, ears and a custom face rig. Shaders are a mix of things put together for an NPR comic-book feel.

The skirt part of the dress and the hair have Cloth Modifiers with mesh proxies to collide with.

Also, the head has parts with Softbody effects in the whiskers and tufts. They are a hands-off approach to having dynamic animations.

The lowest whiskers will still clip into the shoulder with many poses. But softbody tends to glitch so it seems like leaving it alone is the best approach.

Changes from Version 1

  • Eyes - I gave up on the Lattice eyes and redid the eyeballs, Irises and Glints as separate meshes using the Shrinkwrap modifier
  • Hair - previous version had Solidify applied to the hair with Meshdeform + Softbody. Now its Cloth and Solidify with some Collision objects
  • Weight paint - Fixed the issue with the arms and fingers. I was weighting things according to the old (non-pitchipoy) Rigify

PM or post suggestions and/or bugs. Im sure there may be things I missed.


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Nicole is updated to version 2!

Great model thank you for sharing

don’t do a lot of rigging lately so is there some short tut explaining how it works ?

happy bl

Once I finish working out the kinks, I’ll do a video explaining the rig. For the most part, its the default Rigify rig. There are many tutorials for the earlier version, just look for “Pitchipoy.”