"Night Cap" with updated lighting

This is my first attempt at modeling something. Over the past two and a half months, I have worked through numerous tutorials which have greatly helped me.

I know that the lighting in this scene is off (it may be time for another tut…) and I still need to add texture to the actual scene itself. Ultimately, there will be wine in the decanter and one of the wine glasses.

C & C welcome and appreciated…


hi niki,

That’s really nice. How did you model those? Did you you use the 360 spin tool? Which renderer did u use. Yafray or blender internal.

That looks nice, but it’s indeed the lighting (and shadows) that are off.
You might wanna try to create an interesting background, that will add a lot to the picture :slight_smile:

Good luck,


Thanks for your responses. My greatest concern to this point was getting the glass material to look right.

iamthwee: Yes I used the 360 spin to make the objects and this was rendered in Blender Internal (haven’t gotten brave enough to even download Yafray yet)

charlesworth999: Yes, that lighting “has got to go”. I think I will tackle that next and leave the background for last. Need to find some inspiration for that one.


Nice so far! The glass material seems good.

Your lighting seems like you have put a light bulb just between the camera lens and the objects. I think this is why it seems “off”.
In “real life” the light bulb would be visible, and this would explain the angle of shadows and so.
Then, you may not want a light bulb in the middle of the frame. So it is important to think your lighting as if you were putting real bulbs and spots in a studio. Look here to learn about basic 3 points lighting setup.

After reading what I could (thanks for the link reywillow) and quite a bit of “trial and error”, I managed to change the lighting to something that is workable. However, I have noticed that I have some “clipping” (I guess you could call it that) on the lip of the decanter and several areas of the wine glasses. I’m not sure what is causing this. I will most likely have to change the settings yet again once I figure out what kind or texture I will place on the “walls”…

As always, c&c appreciated. Thanks for looking.