NIGHT close up shots

get the blend file here


Very nice work. :slight_smile: it’s helpful if you put all the related shots, like from your NIGHT scene, in one topic… makes it easier to look at them all as a whole. :slight_smile: I had to do a bit of hunting to find the start.

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i am sorry :sweat_smile:
at first i just planned to post one render only
then after posting it
i felt i should share all of them
hence the two posts
thank you btw

you can always add to existing topics… i ended up doing the same for all my blendoodles… just kept adding to the same thread. keeps them all together, so i can look back and see all my progress, et cetera. and it will pop the topic back to the top, so your new images are still seen. :slight_smile:

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i didnt knew about that

that if i add new images or edit something it goes back up
i thought
the post will keep it position with respect to its first origin

i am not familiar with thread type posting
thanks for letting me know

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