Night Highway Lights

You’ve created a jawdropper, Spelle.

This is really amazing! I wonder, did you model all of those cars in only one week!?

took me a while to accept that it was CG :stuck_out_tongue: i thought you faked it, by edditing an image. well done mate.

Amazing work! I’ve always wanted to do a night city render. I love scenes like this.

Ha ha, I thought that you used a photo for the article!

thanks for sharing this amazing stuff with Us.

only one question:

i’ve already see artists using after effect for post prod in addition of gimp or adobe photoshop. Why ?

is blender node compositing ; Gimp and photoshop unable to do the job !

That’s pretty amazing man! I can see korean signs and even some… Russian? Where is this supposed to take place?

My goodness I seem to see a frame of a movie. beautifull, you’re too skilled!

This . . . is . . . fantastic!!! Great job!! :RocknRoll:

That’s so great! :wink:

You captured the feel of night travel perfectly! I love this work. 5 well-deserved *'s for your excellent work of art, a top-notch piece, to say the least!! :slight_smile:


Beautiful work Gleb! Would love to see a timelapse with the whole process. :slight_smile:

Nailed it! Even what looks like a reflection from behind a car window?

Amazing! This is the kind of image you expect only to work really well from a distance, but the closer you look in on the detail of this render, no it only gets more impressive!

Looks amazing, but I’d like to see it mixed with spherical aberation so it more looks like you would be watching it with your eyes!

WOW… i am spelle-bound! lol.

Incredible work :slight_smile: as usual you have shown the world the power of Blender/Cycles. A truly inspiring render

How did you get the floor looking wet ? amazing work btw, just stunning.

That’s mindblowing. Realistic and artistic, technically perfect and emotional. I’m a serious fan of your work.

Awesome work man, BUT know you’ll have to telll what you have in common with Vilnius :wink: two times mentioning it without a reason won’t get away. I am myself curently studying here, so that’s why I am interested in ;). You can pm me.

Needless to say that this image is totally realistic… Really incredible for a computer generated image!
The amount of details is astonishing!

Many congratulations! Very WELL done!