Night Light

This is a model of a project we did in wood shop class, a wooden night light box with a design carved into the plexiglas cover by a CNC machine. We modelled it in Google Sketchup in class, but I wanted to see what I could do in Blender, since I can never come up with any ideas for blender projects anyway.

The last attached render is where I am currently at. The wood textures are procedural. The design on the front is actually carved in from the inside face of the plexiglas (and only that side is painted blue), so that the front is smooth. I used a texture to modify the alpha of that side because real geometry took forever, and the boolean subtraction made a lot of strange artifacts.

Later on I might model a scene to put in, on a nightstand by a bed or something, but for now I’m just working on this model. The only things I have left to model in it are the actual light bulb (which you would barely see in this render since the carved glass has a less than 1 gloss value), and the cord.

Comments and critique are welcome :).

Renders (1920x1080):

Screenshot of viewport:

Picture of the actual