Night Portrait

Hello! Just sharing a simple portrait :smiley:



HI, great mportrait, nothing simple about this one. :grinning:

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Great work, congrats.

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Thank you very much for the comments and feature! :smiley:

You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

It looks so different in the View without the irises. Makes me think of Christmas time. What is the meaning of “Night portrait”? Maybe you should do a night version. If you do, consider how the eyes look smaller in the black-n-white one;

The hair is sweet. The skin shader is good too.

I think with smaller irises and slightly darker blue or shift to a blue-green would be nice. I think it very hard to get skin to look real. A few wrinkles on the forehead, a little darkness under the eyes, a freckel or so on the cheek and some peach fuzz above the lip would be the keys.

People with such fair skin and hair get show paler skin and what is underneath. Then maybe shape the brow hair in a less straight fashion.

Hey! Who gave you my girlfriend picture? :sunglasses: