Night time

I was looking at the lock and chain project and felt like I wanted to modell my own lock. But then I needed something to lock, like a gate or something. But then I needed the gate to lead somewhere and be supported by something etc…

Long story short, heres a pic. I haven’t found the main focus of the pic yet, so it’s a little… something. Many materials missing and I think I have to modell the lettering on the sign. That thing beyond the gate is a guardhouse.

Oh, and the brickwalls are temporaries. I think I’ll modell them too, as I couldn’t get a decent look with just textures.

Any comments, ideas or observations?


Okay, nice work, especially on the chain and the gate. The first thing I noticed is that the brick walls are just scaled cubes. Most brick walls have a slightly wider concrete top to them (sorta visible here I would definitely at least bevel down the edges a little, or do something to make them look more worn. Good work though!

XrQLz :wink:

Yes they are and will get some improvements. You can also see that the lamps are hung from air so…

It looks like your bricks are normal mapped. I think you could make them look better by making seperate normal maps for the scratches and the grout. Make the grout a lot deeper than the scratches (it’s not very deep right now and the scratches are too deep) and it should look better.

The scene looks good so far, keep it up.

I reckon it would look better if the lamps cast a softer shadow. The actual lamps shadows look a bit “chunkeh”.

Great job, looks good.

Yep, just a separate color and a nor map for the bricks. I toyed around with them and got some better results. I think it’ll come out alright.

I assume by “chunkeh” you mean “too dark”? I’ll see about that. I kindof liked the dark shadow from the lamp. Don’t know if the moon would’ve washed it out a bit though, as you suggested. And changing the geometry of the lamp makes a world of difference to the shadows according to a few tests.

Todays image is the gate itself for you to tear apart. It’s supposed to lead to the “Museum of national history” (don’t ask me where I came up with that), hence the animals and vine+leaves. There are supposed to be a monkey and a swan on each side. I’m also thinking of extending the vine a bit to the area over the swans, now it looks just empty. The big blocks on either side are bolted to the wall and support it.


I got an additional idea that requires a man to be modelled. So this stylish (?) gentleman popped up, although I’m pretty sure hes face won’t be seen. Yes, he has some odd things about his face, but its for practice.