Night Train in a Forest.


This is a 20-30 second animation of a train at night. I am still rendering the animation, but I wanted to show some stills until The animation is finished rendering. The motion blur is the way it is because both the observer and the train are moving at oposite directions.


Dude! That looks awesome! Can’t wait to see the entire animation! Do you need and sound effects? I created this not to long ago. If you want more fedelity the .wave is way better than soundcloud’s format.

thank you. If all goes well, I am rendering the last few frames now.

I finally have the animation without sound posted.

Amazing! Congratulations.
Can you give us technical informations about the way you made it ?

I made it with Blender, 3Delight, Arbaro, and a couple python programs, to manage exporting the trees. I used 2 cores to render, so it took a long time. 15-50 minutes per frame, usually on the higher end. I really appreciated having the displacement available from renderman (3delight,) but I had too many trees to do raytracing. I chose not to do pointcloud illumination because my renders where way too long already.