Night vision shader rifle scope version

New night vision shader for rifle scopes.

Using a video texture to render the environment for zoom and night vision shader.
So it is possible to only shade the viewed image and not the whole area.


NightVision rifle scope 2.60.blend (897 KB)

Nice! !

is there anyway to use a second scene inside the scope?

I had a idea for wrectified, to see data moving through the air, connecting puzzles and systems, almost like seing the code behind the game , working in real time,

Thanks man. Now how do I add some slight noise to it?

this is nice, i was wondering how to add the night vision to it, i had already implemented the render to texture with an AUG and a M4 with ACOG

I used it in my game. It is an helmet cam mini screen that can be expanded to fill the whole screen with a press of a button.

Actually I don’t understand what you mean.
If you have a second scene active, both are rendered from the camera.
If you mean a second camera yes that is also possible, but you need to change the GLSL code.

Very nice!