well, there was a thread sometime ago, started about Malefico’s Magritte painting… and in somepoint it got to this talk about making versions of paintings into 3d… maybe even a combo…
well, I couldn’t wait… this weekends challange topic was something completely out of my normal inspirations, so I decided to do this (the black dude is the ninja, so I’m still in the topic, eh??):

it’s the first version of my version of Edward Hoppers “Nighthawks”… I guess everyone has seen the picture. if not, go to and check it out. or buy a book, Hopper is well worth of it!

well, anyways, that’s my version so far… maybe next I add the original characters, or something, and make you sit to the stool inside the bar… (like in the thread somebody mentioned)…

have a good one!


Cool picture and concept. I still like the idea of paintings redone in 3D with variations or staight. There are so many artists to pick from Maxwell Parrish, Salvidore Dali, Escher, and some recent ones Frazetta, Morbius, and so on.

thanks… maybe someday there could be a combo about this?? have to think about that… maybe ask around what people think… or…


HAHAHA, I love the original paint, one of my favorite painters also, if not my favorite.
Excellent work.
It gives the set a totally new sense !
very very cool !

I also like that idea very much. Should be a good theme for
a contest! :smiley:

I would be happy to participate. Have to think about a nice painting.

Cheers, Tobur.

i already said that in #blenderchat but here it comes again: great work basse, i really like the mood of it :slight_smile:
good luck for the callenge…

Me too alrady said that in the #17 WE Contest thread. But I say again I like that pic (cuz I almost voted for you but finally didn’t, so double measure of congratulations from me! :D)

Yep yep, let’s this idea of a CGI paintings interpretation contest make his way!


cool…I like the classic scene of this :wink: