Nightmare Before Christmas

A new project I made recently.

Would love some feedback on it :smiley:

Edit: I am very happy that this artwork is scheduled to be featured. Therefore I added a thumbnail and an additional image of some of the assets I created during this endeavor.


Is very awesome!!

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Good job! Need some reindeer in the trees!

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This is so very cool, but why are some of the ribbons glowing?..



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Incredible work, but if you want honest feedback I would say that the scenery is better than the characters, it would be possible to improve the characters, otherwise it’s fantastic.

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Santa face down in the snow would be a gruesome twist, but that’s just me. I like that this scene feels like winter. Great atmosphere.

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That’s why those people are there. To see if something shady is going on!

I am actually not really good with characters. Needs some NPC type chars to fill up my scenes. My target career is environment.

I also had this in mind, but it was already pretty late with this project and too much workload was there. So, maybe next time :smiley:

I have the same problem as you so I understand you :laughing:, at least what you want to do you already do very well