Nine (breakdown)

This is weekly challenge #748 entry (with the theme: fractal) :

The breakdown is as follows :

The basic shape is a Fibonacci spiral, using beveled and tapered Bezier curve.

By the way, the overal shape of this single segment is what the title refer to.

Arrangement of the patterns is achieved via array modifier using object offset, in which this method can also gives control to object scaling. It took quite a while to get a good result, where the arrays can follow neatly the curve as well as the diminishing scale.

The render is set up in two stages, the first being the background, which is just a plain plane and circle objects (that will be blured later on).

… and then the plant object render (with transparent bg).

Both are then combined via the compositor:

The bokeh effects is done through masking (inspired by this trick):

Note that some effects might came up being too subtle to the overall effect in the end (i.e. the defocus and vignette) and might even be discarded without affecting the result too much. Here I just want to show the original nodes I used in the render.

The black seeds object was added just near the final render as I then realized the image needs a better focal element (instead of forcing the viewer to just gaze on the sun).

Hope you enjoy!