Ninja Bunny

A new Charakter i´m working on.


Lol… Very nice, love it… Nice so far but ad it something to look more like a ninja, like some costume, or at least the ninjato tsuba…

It could be a scarf or a headband…

Ninja headband!

and a pair of them gita shoes :slight_smile:

Seriously though nice model :slight_smile:

Reminds me the kangoroos from Tank Girl…great man…

u should make it look like the ninja gaiden guy:yes:



Make something original. I will forever hate you if you make yet another character that looks like ryu hayabusa. He sucked anyway. And so did his games. ;0

Anyway. I say headband. Leaves his face and ears open to gaze at since they are so beautiful. Also I htink you should add a loose fitting ninja outfit on him, but no shoes. He has to hop like a bunny and that would only hamper his hopping ability. :).

And this is just a bit of input, his mouth looks more like a donkey’s muzzle than a bunnies ;)>. Bunnies are cute. That mouth isn’t. He needs to be gerbil or bunny cute, but ninja deadly.

Hope I helped.

Enjoy and keep up the great work.

But seriously. Bunny Cute. Ninja DEADLY.


ever herd of copy right, follow your own style.

Is it for a game or an animation?

You could make the eyes slightly larger, it would make the nose look smaller and allow him to be more expressive, and cuter…!

Looks great!

i like it, but( correct me if i’m wrong),
in his left wrist i can see some normals problems, you should select all your faces (or verts) in edit mode and press CTRL+N to recalculate the normals outside.

it may be the AO too but looks kinda wierd.


• Fur…done
• Pose…done
• Eyes…done


Much better :wink:

I think it looks really good,but a headband would add a lot to the ‘ninjaness’ of the character IMO.

:smiley: Sweet! He has a cool personality all he needs is something to make him look super stealthy.:cool:


Whiskers and Headband.

i don’t really like the “hare” (hehe) on the “thumb”
also the blue shadows are a little weird
what is you lighting setup?
how long have you done 3d?

So, lets do Update…

Is it just me or the ears don’t look the same on the update ?

Anyway, great job, it looks cool :slight_smile:

And my update for today.

Usually bunnies have fur on their hands and feet (paws).
And usually their eyes are positioned so their field of view is bigger.
Where is the fluffy white tail?
Where are the cute eyes?
and on a more serious note: where are the claws?

I’ve also never seen a hare seen as a ninja, this is my interpretation :RocknRoll: . Also he has no hair and claws on the hands and feet. And sweet eyes of a ninja would not even come good. The tail is on the back :smiley: .