ninja girl

hello, this is my first project in a long time… i was going to make her look more realistic… but i couldn’t get the hair particles to move WITH the head lol… (makes great stills tho). so i went with a more anime look. been messing with shaders and ambient occulsion or however its spelt… sss and all but when i put it all on it took 30 mins to render one frame so i backed it off.

i’ll post better pictures after i tweak a few things… im also trying to think of another character she could fight… i started on a robot that looked pretty good… might use that… any suggestions or critiques would be awsome thanks =)

that is a really cool model dude (when i say really, i mean REALLY cool) and instead of fighting a robot she could be fighting a demon, or a samurai or even maybe a dragon of some sort, but its just an idea. and in the fight you could make the floor bloodstained to give it a slight fear factor, but its up to you.

thanks mang! like the input… think i’ll use some of it =) it would look better if i had more of a grasp on textures and whatnot, but ah well i’ll post updates later when i actually get a chance to do something

Dude you got my attention! Very cool! Looking forward to your updates.

i have been working when i have time… so far only 2 hours on the “thing” she will fight… i decided to compromise… im making a robot samurai thing =) i have only some of it done… none of the wires/ lines to the hydrolic cylinders… im going to make it sort of believable lol

heres another shot of the ninja girl i forgot to upload last night:

MUWAHAHAHA, its lookin good, and it always was. P.S do you need a reference image for the samurai? my brother has loads of photos on that kind of stuff.

I somewhat get the feeling that either her waistline is too high up or her belly button’s too low… or maybe it’s just the perspective.

yeah your right, just noticed… i’ll post some new ones once i get a little farther on the robot-thing
thanks man =)

and yeah i would love some reference pics

here are some new screenies with her waist fixed… it does look much better now… the robot guy isnt finished yet… still have lines and more work to do to it… but its getting there =)

Duude! The ninja guy is hardcore! Are you gonna animate this? This is rad!

nice, just wondering if you have heard of making hair using plains mapped with alpha images. You can make pretty complicated stuff and it may be easier to annimate.

You said that the hair didnt move with the head, could you not parent it to the head?

nope… in the new version you cant parent objects and whatnot straight up to a bone unfortunatly

yeh, i’m making this to animate… all i need to do is start work on a room and i’ll start the animation process =)

this is pretty cool. can’t wait to see more.

alrighty! i sat up all night last night working on a walk cycle… fixing things here and there, fixing parts of the model that i only saw when i animated her… but i think i got it halfway decent… id love some input… well i WOULD have posted it but Xdrive wont upload my avi… bastages

Will we ever get the blend file for download?

Only if the original author wants to share it. Just because it’s from an open source program does not mean that every blender creation is released free on copyright or that every .blend file needs to be made available for download. Some people are greedy for good models when they could put in the time and learn to make their own…

That robot is hot as hell. The girl could use some longer arms, tho… or a shorter torso… kinda hard to really determine which it is from the poses. Maybe a bit of both. The hands aren’t hanging low enough on the legs for a ‘realistic’ proportion, the tip of the middle finger should fall about mid-way down the thigh in a standing-at-attention sort of pose.

That bot is scary lookin’. Can’t wait to see them duke it out.

The robot ninja is awesome, I love his design.

alirighty… only made a corridor, messed with the lighting and whatnot, but i got some good pics,

these two are before i redesigned the lights on the ceiling,

this one is a little dark`

this is my favorite… i just love the reflections