Ninja Star

A model of a ninja star laying on a pathway.

High Res Image

Lemme know what you think.


Very nice scene. Is it supposed to be night? I can see reflected moon on the metal.
Maybe you can make the grass green and more thick

Thanks for your reply!

Yeah, it is night time. The grass was green, but as i made the scene darker it appeared black. I agree it should look thicker, but also as i made the particals thicker, it just looked bad O_o

I know what you speak about, then for colors you can try give the grass material some emit value different from zero, or make a green nuance way more light.

For thick grass… maybe you can increase number of hair and play with particles values rough, damp, brown etc. as from the attachment.

Hope it can help!


Can you post a render without toon edges?

Sorry for the late reply. Ill try what you said alysius.

And avenger, there are no toon edges.

ninja stars, that i have ever seen, were ~7cm diameter, so stones are rather small