One of my son’s wanted me to make a Ninja.

I think it’s pretty cool that you can make stuff for your children. It has a really heavy cartoonish feel to it, which gives it a lot of style. A couple things I would change is that the eyes on his head are a little too high on his head and his torso/leg ratio is off. His pelvis should be a little higher up on his body so his legs don’t look short. Also, he’s also holding the sword the wrong way (resting the sharp part of the blade on his shoulder :yes:). Looks good, keep it up.

Looks nice.
Though I have a suggestion or two:

  1. His little finger on his right hand looks a little to long.
  2. maybe make the ends of his red cloth (hanging from his arms) be pointed.
    Good luck :slight_smile:

0 - original
1 - eyes down
2 - nose bridge in place
3 - turned sword
4 - fixed edit error
5 - fixed tangency between sword and the shoulder, and star and the shoulder
6 - turned cloth
7 - fixed shading
8 - fixed shading
9 - fixed shading, forehead move