Nintendo Game Boy (Cycles)

Modeled, rendered and textured in Blender. Beep boop!


I gave this a like despite the fact you neglected to throw a Gargoyle’s Quest cartridge into that mix.

It made me a little mad, but I can’t deny the quality of your work. Great job! :smiley:

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hmmm… Take another look at the second image. I think there’s some magic happening here!


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Very nice! I like the second image a lot more than the first. Something about the way the first ring interferes with the game boy itself.

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!


Thank you!

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Awesome work! I especially like the last shot with all it’s techniclor glory!


You’re #featured! :+1:

PS: I put the ‘rainbow’ image on top as that image worked better for a featured thumbnail. Hope that’s ok!

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That brings back memories of being trapped in a high school cafeteria surrounded by people who were playing with those damned things . . . "A-R-R-R-R-G-H!":smiley:

This is awesome!! I love this work:) I have started a GameBoy Color project some days earlier but I run into various modeling problems and postponed the project for when my modeling skills develop further. I would be very interested to see some key steps of your modelling process or some insights on the more tricky parts if you are willing to share :grin:

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Really great… love it!

This project in 10 steps:

  1. ‘This will be easy, it basically is a sophisticated cube’
  2. Wait, this isn’t going according to plan.
  3. Quit Blender furiosly because you don’t know how to make one corner of the front sloped.
  4. Can’t sleep because you’re analyzing what can you do to make this work.
  5. Get up, try everything, nothing works. Succeed when you’re not even thinking about it.
  6. Curse like a madman, because boolean hates you.
  7. Soldier on, be happy to finally finish the front.
  8. Repeat steps 1-7 for the back.
  9. Render everything and upload it just to find out you made a typo on the texture on the screen.
  10. Be amazed that you finished the project without losing your sanity.

You should revisit your GB Color project. Some parts are indeed frustrating but if you stick to it you’ll be on your way in no time. One thing I’d recommend is getting Boxcutter and Hardops - I always thought I don’t need them and bought them immediately after finishing this project.


thats some top row fire. Love that. game consoles taking top row!

Your work looks like a nintendo ad. I hope you do a switch!

So beautiful

Hahaha thanks for the reply! Some of these steps look very, very, very familiar with what I encountered on my project. I will try to get mine to work too after your inspiring pep talk :laughing:

PROPS on this!

MKHD recently paid homage to the GameBoy:

I never owned one, but I now have way more appreciation for them after seeing a bit of the history, and how it changed the world! My wife told me she even had one back in the day LOL!

Wonderful post!


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I tried making one of these too! And quit because of that damn sloped corner! :grin:

Two approaches that come to mind…

Select the edge in the corner and bevel. (Might be some issues if surrounding edges are in the way.


Delete off all the faces on that corner. (Given it’s mostly a squared thing to start with.) Then select the edges that run front-to back on the side and bottom of the missing chunk. Bridge the edges. Now under tools menu (while bridge is still active) there’ll be some stuff for adding steps and different kinds of interpolation. At least one of those settings will make a close enough curve. Then fill out the remaining front and back holes with grid fill. (A lot of people forget the bridge can do that, sometimes myself included. :man_facepalming:)

Wow nostalgia!!! Did you see the video from MKBHD on Youtube :slight_smile:
And now this beautiful rennder!

Such stunning renders, superb presentation! Love that colorboy setup with rainbow transition :slight_smile:

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hahah you too!

I did own one, i worked my ass of when it came out i was like 9 or 10. Did work hours to be able to buy it!

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