Nintendo Wii

I would like to hear about who has a Nintendo wii, cool stuff you have done with it, and the games that you own.

I dont own a wii, yet, and I want one, so I found this site where you can get a free one if you have 5 referrals so if anyone wants to help me out, go to this link-Thx!


The funny thing is that he’s falling for the obvious scam. Don’t trust the “FREE -insert expensive device here-!!!”

I have researched this for several months and it’s legit. That’s why they’re affiliated with companies like Disney and Blockbuster. It’s the same as a rebate program where you try out offers from different companies (some are free, some are not) and they give you cash or products for checking them out.

For anyone who is really interested in knowing the truth about this program, this has a lot of news reports on the service, and whether or not it’s a scam (not!):

There’s information here which explains why keylogging is not a problem:

Locked, and links removed.

Keyloggers are not acceptable at all 95Hawk. Don’t fall for scams…

If it sounds like a deal, It probably is… for someone else.