Nironi the Priest


Here is a WIP I started a while ago, only now I am finishing it.
This is the basemesh for Nironi, which is actually an early version of this basemesh that I use for a lot of my humanoid models: (scroll to the bottom of them page.)

I brought into ZBrush and started working on the head:

looking good!

Thanks Natholas.
Here’s an update.
I work usually one bodypart at a time, or one area at a time. When I am happy with that area I move on to other body parts, and I will usually go over the whole model again and hit certain areas multiple times.


nice work on the hands! the fingers look a little to short though…

Great detail in the musculature, I can’t tell, but his “wingspan” seems a bit short? Should be about his height, could be the angle though. The fingers could be a touch longer, in particular the pinky, maybe a bit thicker as well. They need some muscle! Solid work here otherwise Sean.

edit: I think its the humerus in particular that needs lengthening.

I will be fixing the proportions tomorrow, thanks guys!
Wing span… depends. But the hands should go mid thigh when the arms are at his side. I just checked and they are a bit short, :slight_smile: Good eyes.

As for the fingers, I will look into that tomorrow.