Nissan 300 ZX

Hey all,

This is my second car, a Nissan 300 ZX, though I have varied enough stuff to make it very different. Anyways, I have two versions at the present, one with, and one without motion blur. I’ll post them both until I can decide which one to call the final product.

Rendered in YafRay.


I LIKE it!!!
Motion blur is always cool!
But it might look better if you take the motion Blur of a 2D program then you can set it where ever you want and make it look like the car is going so fast it’s deforming the background! I would use Corel Photo shop for that.
Well Done!

i think the way how you used motion blur works to your disadvantage.
it looks like a bad post pro filter.

i am also not sure about your compositions. the groundplane does not match up with your world image. the perspectives are different.

also the reflection on the hood looks like the geometry is of low poly quality.
i am not sure if this only tricks my eyes.

otherwise great modeling.

Nice modeling. But the material looks too shiny. Extreemly waxy

Also something I notcied. One headlight seems to be shiny like the rest of the car, but the other one is a dull, flat, grey color. Might wanna look into that.

And I can see how you tried using the guassian blur and the motion blur to put emphasis on the car, but I think you over did it to the point where it looks a bit cheesy.

Thanks for the replies!

blendercreator: thanks, and btw, the current blurry pic was done so in photoshop.

cekuhnen: yes, I think the motion blur was pretty bad. It was more just for fun. I can kind of see the thing about the ground plane, but I am having trouble with the part about low-poly looking reflections…I don’t believe I am going to re-render this, but I would still be very interested in this.

Carbon: yes, again the motion blur takes away from the piece, which is why I have settled on the first pic without motion blur as the final product. The issue about the headlights I am also aware, however this is just a product of the “sun” coming in from the right of the car. The way it hits it makes the shodowed light on the left look very dull in comparison to the right. I have tried to fix this, but to no avail.

I will try to get some hood wireframes up by tommorow from cukehnen to inspect.



The reflection on the car has to be blurred, too, if you want it to be realistic.

the car looks good…but some details are missing like doorhandles and mirrors. and the rims’ material is too flat…somehow plastic.

these things would highly improve the impression, I think :wink:

hey there

thats a nice looking render (i prefer the one without blur too), but i’d like to see some more detail on it, such as side mirrors, but all in all, its a strong piece.

im just wondering how you lighted the scene. did you use HDRI?

Kind Regards,

I lit the scene with a hemilight coming from the left side of the car (from the viewers perspective) and a spotlight coming from the right. And yes, HDRI was used.

Yes, I realize its lacking some details. Actually, in the case of the door handles, I modelled them in at one point, but undid it because for some reason I thought it looked better without them. To be quite honest, I didn’t even think about the mirrors until after I had already posted this topic…that was just my ignorance in my hurrid rush to finish this project so I could get on to other things.

Thanks for the replies. I enjoy hearing both positive and negative feedback, so keep them coming…