Nissan 350z by josearaujo

this is my first hard work :slight_smile:
I’m a recent user here in BlenderArtists, but my car is not in begging.
I portuguese forum I post all updates, but now I decide to put here the progress.:o

I have restart one time the project, because that wasn’t good enough :no:
But after the restart, I think is good.

My last update
It’s all renders

I find some mistakes, but with time, I will correct them:D


One sujestion:
Just keep it coming and good luck :wink:
I’ll keep both my eyes in this thread :evilgrin:

hey, I have a problem.
I don’t know how I make this right :frowning:

Can you help me?


Something like this usualy works better…

hi josearaujo, i read your comment on my gallardo thread, which directed me here, and i must say, your model is much better than mine, but i don’t think youve set smoothed the whole car, maybe you have, lol.

today, I try to do a mechanic work :wink:

one of my reference images is:

and the first test of the “chassi” is:

I think is not good enought but whith time I will make better…

tomrebel2: yes you have reason. Some parts are not set smoothed. But now they are :wink:

Tomorow, if I can, I will post a gif of my car…


fortulatly I do the animated gif today:

I hope you like…

updates will coming… :slight_smile:

Looking good!

you shold model some brake dics and calipers, i have made a tutorial on making these discs using curves:

thanks Dan_555
tomrebel2 thank you very much of the tutorial of breaks disc :o

that help me very much
I not planed to do now the breaks, but I don’t have more to do, so… :wink:

the first picture:

this is a simple brake disc( in future I think I will make a a disc more detailed), I have a lot of work to do so I go slowly

the piece in middle is part of suspension.
This web site about 350z is amazing. :slight_smile:

hey people…

I found a mini animation by realitivity
that is a cool animation and have a car.
that car is the same that I’m try to make… the nissan 350z

look to the filme is great…

I forgot the link: :slight_smile:

Thanks for watching and promoting my short film
Your 350z looks a lot better than mine. Lots of detail.
I only modeled the parts visible in the transformer animation :slight_smile:

I need help :frowning:
I already model the mirror but I can not make it transparent :frowning:

Somebody can tell me the options to put the mirror right???
I already try many ways but I can’t…

I hope you understand

Why do you want the mirror transparent? Wouldn’t you want it to be highly reflective, but still opaque? Or were you referring to another part of the model and misnamed it?

Nitronic755 I want the mirror transparent because I want to see the interiors, and I can’t to put the “option” rigth :frowning:

I think you mean the windows…

Sorry if this is worded in a way that implies you’re stupid, It’s just a language barrier I think (going from your sig). Anyway, for glass you want these settings:

  • Colour set to white or a light blue.
  • Ray Transp enabled.
  • IOR Value of 1.5 or lower if theres too much distortion.
  • Alpha set below 0.1.

In addition, any objects seen through the glass should have a material with TraShadow enabled, or the glass has a tendency (but doesn’t always) to appear opaque.

yes, you have right. want to say the window. the big front window…
sorry for my very bad English.

I will try your settings…
thanks :wink:

Nice car in your picture :slight_smile:

Hehe, it’s not a window either… it’s a Windshield (pára-brisas) :wink:

thanks rogper, now is better to indentify that thing :S

Nitronic755: I try the settings that you tell me, but I can’t put this right :S
Only if I enable the ZTrasnp in Links and Pipeline, in the render show the windshield transparent.

rogper: May can ask you if you can tell me your settings to put transparent??? :slight_smile:

Mine is blender Open Material Repository glass material

Here it is:

Kroni, also provide me with this settings in the GT Threadwhere he shows it in a tail light glass of his awesome wip Audi R8.

Humm!!! Queres que fique transparente nos viewports é? Nesse caso, no fim de aplicares o material ‘Glass’ vais a F7 -> painel Draw -> Transp

“Humm!!! Do you want it transparent in the viewports, is it? In that case, after aplying the material ‘Glass’ go to F7 -> Draw panel -> Transp

Window, Windshield… In New Zealand you can say either and as long as people know you’re talking about cars (which isn’t often) then they’ll understand completely. Another alternative is windscreen. The side ones I usually refer to as windows (because thats about all they’re good for) while the front an rear ones are the front windscreen and rear windscreen. Thats New Zealand english for you - all messed up.