Nissan 350Z - Need help with techniques for back lights

Hey all!

Please find images of my 350z I am working on. I’m stuck on the back lights and was wondering if there was a tutorial or specific technique on how to model good looking back lights. Any help would be much appreciated!

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Hi, I have been thinking about buying this one. Look really good.

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Can you be a little more specific as to what is the actual issue in modeling the taillight is? Your render is very dark to understand. Perhaps show it in solid mode? Is it the actual glass or the whole curvature of the light?

I mean like in terms of what exactly you would model to get it to look realistic. There isn’t very good reference online on what parts go into the light. I mean I would just put a flat texture on it like they do in games but I want to model the individual parts so it looks realistic.

To some it up, I’m looking for reference/techniques on modelling the individual parts… if that makes sense.

While I was searching for a solution for your problem, I found this that could help.

Every tailight is different, you ought to look at reference images to understand what’s going on behind the glass. You should have some sort of reflector behind the glasses. If you don’t do that, then your glass will be darker and will not look like proper glass.

I can explain later with images.

Then there are different methods to model them but the best one is lattice modifer. You model the tailight and every single part in it. Then you add a lattice modifer and control the shape through it.

The other method is to model it normally.

I would think about what the real ones are really about. Just a lamp reflecting off of shiny plastic behind some red translucent plastic. The inside of the lens typically has some scattering formations which is probably just a bunch of little cones. Maybe looks for some tutorials on making a light bulb then altering it for your specific case.

Here’s what I mean:

Depending on what model you are doing, you need to look at reference images like these or any image that shoes what is behind the glass. When you have a clear understanding, you then have to proceed to model the parts individually and then put it inside.

With reflector:
Annotation 2019-12-02 134521

Without reflector
Annotation 2019-12-02 134604

It’s simply a glass with a reflector behind and a bulb. Not much work was required cause it’s not the highlight.