Nissan 350z

i’ve started modeling a 350z, one of my favourite cars, i’m a slow worker:(C&C very welcome!


i find it looks pretty good. work on and finish it.

You’re off to a good start that deserves to be persued to the end. A edit mode wire would be nice so we could comment the mesh :slight_smile:

here are the wires:


the actual body is now finished, couldn’t get a realistic looking paint material, so i took a material from a .blend file online,


looks good start ,but wont you extrude the edges of the main body inside ?

It’s very good, but it isn’t finished (refering to the actual body) it’s now that all the pain work begins :wink:
That part that GE-FORCE refered can become a nightmare :s

In the portuguese forum Blender-PT the blender artist josearaujo it’s working in the very same car.
You can see his progresse in this thread (it goes from page 10 forword):

Because he still isn’t a BA member he asked me to let you know, hoping that you would be interested in interchange some ideas.

Keep it up, slow it’s good :wink: