Nissan 350z

I took a shot at modeling this car a while back when I first learned of blender, now that I have little more skills I want to remake the old model and improve to topology. So here’s what I made so far!

No subsurf:

with subsurf:


Right now I’m looking for feed back on the topology especially the rear side. Should I continue on modeling (I’m not done with some parts yet) or there is way for a better topology? I’m having a hard time with front fenders and the back bumper.
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

wat is a topology? I only know geometry, thats all I use. try using geometry, you’ll get better results that way. if by topology u mean sculpt, it is much difficult to use sculpt tools for making cars, I don’t recommend. But its perfect if you want to add legs, arms, hips to your car, then sculpt is best tool…

and your rear side of car is missing windscreen and supporting parts. You’ll need to add that, unless u only need to show front of car, then ur car is okay.

and also put material and render to see if there is any unsmoothnesses on some parts…

Topology means the flow of the edges and positioning of the vertices. There’s many ways to approximate the shape with geometry, topology describes exactly that. Good topology captures the shape efficiently using as few vertices and edges as possible.

^one thing I dont understand , how is it bad to use polygons with more than 4 vertices? becuz usually it saves you so many vertices…especially when there is large flat area…

if you have questions like this maybe you should post them in support section…
but the reason is that when you use a subsurf you often get bad artifacts and it’s bad topology (oh, wow, that last part really helped) wasn’t there a thread about that somewhere?

now aabout the car… looking good so far though there seem to be a few issues in the rear near the tire.

There is a great sticky in the modelling support section about the poles and loops, although it’s for organic models I followed it to model this car, I try as much as I can to avoid triangles and keep the maximum vertices for a polygon as much as four only, sometimes I use poles to control the flow of the topology (am I using the term correctly? or is the word Geometry?) By topology I meant the placing of the vertices in the 3D space so they connect smoothly and eventually when I add materials and subsurf modifier, the shading would be smooth and clean.
Thanks ctdabomb I see the issue in the back!
I’ll fix that and do the rest of the parts then on to materials :smiley:
So would someone please tell me what are the differences between Topology and Geometry?

This is what wikipedia says:

Topology (from the Greek τόπος, “place”, and λόγος, “study”) is a major area of mathematics concerned with the most basic properties of space, such as connectedness. More precisely, topology studies properties that are preserved under continuous deformations, including stretching and bending, but not tearing or gluing. The exact mathematical definition is given below. Topology developed as a field of study out of geometry and set theory, through analysis of such concepts as space, dimension, and transformation.

Couldn’t say it better :slight_smile:

Geometery is all the vertices and faces in a model. it gives it shape. topology is how your geometry flows and, if good, is what gives you pretty geometry and a smooth easily deformed mesh. hope that helps.

Topolagy is the matching coordinates of a surface or vert accross different views. cleaner topolagy will be smooth accross the front, top and side view. bad topolagy might look great from the side but might be jagged from the front or top. Topo is something you will become more familiar with over time especially if you work with blueprints.

it will screw with subsurface. general rule of thumb is to only use quads in car modeling. unless you do Ctrl+T to model the whole car in tris, the sudden change in topolagy can seriously screw over your subsurfaces. using 4+ polys per serface isnt REALLY doing 4+ srufaces, its making a circle with a hidden center vert, so when you subsurf, or even just set smooth, you are going to get funny bowing.

If you can get away with it, Great, but its just good practice not to. it will save you time and painstaking remodeling in the future.

good work. rims seem a little thin, but cant wait to see how it turns out

Thanks guys! Now I know topology for sure :smiley:

lol, sry bro, cluttering up your thread. lol. I think zedeneye is new to this type of modeling, couldnt bring my self not to say anything.

Like i said, good work. Clean topo :stuck_out_tongue: . Cant wait to see final render

I think you have a little too much geometry.

If you look at the front, for example, you also dont have evenly spaced geometry in the lower front section.

What you have looks good besides that. Topology looks good, nice flow.

Generally don’t post images showing the subsurf geometry included as it isn’t helpful and wastes your time. :slight_smile:

There might be an issue at the rear, but it’s hard to be sure; go into object mode and rotate your model in many different ways and look how the light reflects; it can often highlight problems. As you rotate, zoom in and zoom out, this too can help.

There is no need to apply materials and textures at this stage, as all this sometimes does is slow the process down and change one’s focus.

When modelling, it’s generally better to be focussed on the modelling. Although, good lighting and materials can highlight errors in geometry. :slight_smile:

lol bro same feeling :smiley:

I took your tip on using lighting to find bad flow - sometimes I turn off smooth for better contrast- really helpful thanks!
I’ll take my time with this one, I really want it to look good.

Welcome, and glad something was useful.