Nissan Car

Hey, I have been working on my first car latley:

I’m not really sure what I should be doing next. I’ve got the basic model, but now what? I’m kinda lost. Perhaps I should be using subsurf? I’m not really sure. I just need a little direction, that’s all.

My goal is to make a good looking car.

Any tips/critiques/help are greatley appreciated.

[Edit: Latest Update:

Thanks for reading,

Subsurf, then materials. :wink:

You have tris, and lots of them. You won’t be able to subsurface the mesh without it going crazy. Should be fine for the game engine though.

Remodel it my advice!

The mesh is to trishy and you will not get the reall look!

Use for to for not triangles much and use subsurf 1 all the time just my advice!

If you’re going for subsurfacing then you’ll have to remodel the whole thing and this time use mostly quads(rectangles). Or you could do some severe cleanup with your mesh(to me it seems possible to clean that up and add some extra edge loops).

Of course if you don’t want to redo stuff you can always try and make it as a lowpolygon game model. With game models triangles don’t matter as that’s what the mesh will become anyways.

i’ll take the tris out if you want.:evilgrin:just pm me.

Don’t use subsurf, low poly modelling is more important than sub surf at your level. Improve your low poly modelling skills, use quads, UV texture your works with real photographs. Once you have finished a good amount of lowpoly models, then consider modelling high poly, subsurf, sculpt, etc.

Okay, I demolished alot of the car, and fixed almost all the triangles. Now there are only a few tris. It’s subsurfed now, and i’m satisfied, just some modeling tweaks and I think I’m on my way to Materials & lighting.

How should I go about the materials? Just use a shiney material, or UV map something on? Radiosity?

You should try out Sonix Car Material Library.

Good luck. Car is looking good.

Thank you very much for the link to that awesome car material library!

I’ll give those a go!

First I’m gonna do a bit more modeling, define the doors, ect

Okay, Here is a quickie render to show my latest progress. Next up, I’m gonna work on the headlights. I’m not sure how to go about headlights, but I’ll try out some things.

Any suggestions?


the windsheild looks a little odd, other than that good job

It’s looking good. Using sub-surf is good to get those nice smooth lines, use extra edge loops to get a crisper edge. The next step may be to separate body panels from the main mesh. There are some good tutorials out that can give you some guidance.

Expand the doorseems, it isn’t looking realistic now…
Furthermore a bit more sharper, and ofcourse, apply a paint job.

Then the wheels
Then the lights etc
Finally the interior.

You can make it high poly and use retopo ( to make it low poly.

The ‘A’ Pillar (the ones that border the front windshield is a bit too fat, and shouldn’t widen too much nearing the bottom. Real-world engineers/designers tend to make this part as thin as possible to maximise the driver’s field of vision while making sure they don’t compromise on structural integrity. Besides all that technical stuff, it just looks better with narrower ‘A’ pillars, just don’t make 'em so thin that it looks flimsy :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, and do have a look at Volvo’s SCC’s A-pillars :wink:

I’ve written (very badly) some stuff you might find helpful… although its a little late. head down to near the end