Nissan Fairlady Z

As my first post to Blender Artists, I’d like to present my Nissan Fairlady Z to you all. I have plans to finish the engine (fill in the space below the engine cover, add wires and other hoses, etc to the engine, and mount “V6 3.5” to the engine cover. Also, an interior will be in progress soon (depending on how engine detail placement goes). If you have any suggestions on what I could add, and or ways I could improve, all are greatly appreciated. I’ve also asked some friends on Facebook about the rear bumper’s topology but it wasn’t so successful.

this was my first car i modeled :slight_smile: nice work :slight_smile:

Thank you Eric. This is my first car too :slight_smile:

I’ve re-worked the topology quite a bit and am very happy with how this looks. I believe the next challenge is going to be the interior, and figuring out how to render it with both the interior and exterior co-existing within the render, and not have my computer crash. Hope you like these renders!