Nissan GTR 2015

Hello everyone! Here is my take on the Nissan GTR series!
I did not stay fully faithful to the blueprints, so the model is a mix between the new
2015 design (headlights) and older versions.
Although the modeling is pretty much done, all criticism for possible upgrading and fixing of the model are very welcome!

Wonderful Render! How about some mesh previews?
Suggestion, I thing the car-paint material need to be a bit more sharp and reflective. Now is much more closer to carbon looking. Also the front Glass need a reflection. The looks better with this reflection there. However, I would say - wonderful overall feeling, wonderful modeling and composition!

Hello ivaydesign, thank you for your kind words!
I completely agree with everything that you mentioned. I used only an HDR for the lighting, so I was afraid to experiment with other light sources, although I was completely aware that a reflection on the front glass is needed, because right now it doesn’t seem as if there is any glass at all. I will keep in mind everything you said next time I model a car, and am looking forward to hearing your opinion then as well!
Here are some mesh previews:

This is really great model!!! Please keep creating! :slight_smile: