Nissan GTR/Modeled in Blender/rendered in Vray

hope posting renders made with other software is allowed allowed. Modeled this car during my winter vacation and decided to export it from blender and render it in 3ds max (Vray). Everything was modeled by me (except for the tire threads) and used substance painter and photoshop for the final touches.

Artstation link:

If itโ€™s not allowed to post renders with exterior render please contact me and i will remove it :smiley:


Looks really good.

Normally I would do the opposite, to model in 3Ds max since it as superior modeling tools (nurbs modeling, spline patches) and then render in Blender. :slight_smile:

I would be interested to learn any nurbs modelings techniques for Blender but as of now I can only use curves and then use them as 3d blueprints so I can snap my real geometry on top of them.